It’s All About A Good Blo

Samantha from Sex In The City said it best… “They don’t call it a job for nothing!”

Giving a good blo is no easy task.  To make it look effortless you must have lots of experience.  So imagine how happy I was to be invited to Blo in Coral Gables for a FREE Blo job!  Having someone else wash, blow and style my hair?  Um….yes please!


From the moment I entered I was blown away (get it???) The salon is super bright, happy and clean.  I was ready to be pampered!  Upon arrival I was offered a beverage and a book to pick which style I wanted my hair to be magically transformed to.  IMG_20141212_115853

I went with Holly Wood.

I consulted my blo girl Jennifer (@J_desi) who agreed that would be the best style for me.  So off to the shampoo bowl we went where she massaged my hair into a lathered state of bliss.


Back on my perch she pinned up my hair and started to blow

IMG_20141212_121748 With the wave of her “magical wand” she coaxed my hair into a full body masterpiece

with bounce to rival any TV hair commercial.


From start to stop the whole process took a measly 45 minutes.  That’s less than a dollar a minute of pure ME time.

Ladies, here is my thrifty tip…. start with the style that has the most curls.  By the next day they will relax into a wavy work of art.  By day three you’ll have the perfect bed head look.  That gives you 3 hairstyles for the price of one.

blow collage

Trust me…. have a pro do it.  There is just nothing like getting a blo from someone who knows how to do it right 😉


Blo Coral Gables 360 San Lorenzo Avenue #1535 Coral Gables FL 33146  305-456-8850        @themanelife


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