Getting Loopy With It

back of bus  bus loop logo

The Fort Lauderdale Bus Loop really is the best kept secret, which is no easy task when thousands of people participate it in.  Alas, every time I mention it to someone they have no clue as to what it is.

How can that be???

So what is the bus loop?  Simply the best bar crawl ever.  In Fort Lauderdale the trolleys line up four times a year to raise money for five local charities. Each Bus loop features eight stops at venues you may have never even heard of or simply have not had a chance to go to yet.

The first time I had the pleasure of participating in the Bus Loop I did a video report to document the night.

Feel free to view it here…

This time around I took some friends and we were determined to stop and drink at all eight stops.

And we did. abby, raul and me





Lucky’sTavern , CraftiBar, ,


bars 1      bars 2

This may sound easy, but I assure you, it takes planning and stamina.

Here is how it is done.

First off…purchase your tickets in advance.

Not only will it save you money (sometimes as much as 1/2 price) but it will also cut down your time at check in. By the way, you can do this up to a half hour before the event starts.

Arrive EARLY.  I know that is not the “cool” thing to do.  But I’m telling you… it is.  You will be able to knock out one or two bars before the mad rush begins which puts you two drinks ahead of the game.

Once you have your wrist band and drink card in hand… Get on the FIRST trolley.


Most people will go into the first stop where check in is.  Rookies.  If you skip the urge to have your first drink there I can pretty much guarantee you by the time you loop back there the crowd will have thinned out.

Once you have arrived at your first stop make a bee line to the bar and flash your card.

tilted kilt 2

The bartender will tell you what your choices are which usually are Wine, Well or Beer. Some places will do draft beer, others a full bottle.  PACE yourself and choose wisely.  You’ve got a lot of drinking to do.



Once you receive your drink the bartender will mark an X on your drink card and you are off to the next stop.  SOME of the trolleys will let you on the bus with your drink.  Some will NOT.  If that bus driver won’t let you, simply wait for the next trolley.  No need to get mad or be rude.  Just chill out and enjoy the fun. Honestly, I kinda like the buses that don’t allow drinks on them because I always end up getting one spilled on me from people trying to walk while the trolley is moving.

And please do NOT forget to tip your bartenders AND YOUR TROLLEY DRIVER!

bus drivers


I should also mention that by your third or fourth stop you may want to grab something to eat.  I think that is a no brainer, but you never know.



I promise you as the night ticks away, the crowds will get massively larger and louder.  It’s like college all over again.  Don’t fight it.  Join in!

Here are the facts….

You are going to meet people.  You are going to go somewhere you have not been.

You are going to help raise thousands of dollars for charity. You are going to have fun.

So what are you waiting for????  Get on the Bus Loop and drink…. for charity of course 😉

picked up





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