Going Back In Time…today


IMG_20150215_134007       troll 3

Oh! Florida Renaissance Festival how do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

1) This is a place where men can be men and women can be damsels in distress.  Or, the women can don the armor, while the men drink their beer. In other words, you can be who you want to be and not who you are expected to be. There is no judgment here. Just so you know that metal garb is heavy!!!

armor 3

2) Fairy food, turkey legs and samples of Mead.  There is something for every foodies taste bud, indeed.

food collage

3) Games of skill in creative forms. My favorite being Head Game where you slam dunk…well….a head.


4) Entertainment of all kind. There are shows that are performed in an open theater atmosphere, while others are roaming around using wherever they stop as their impromptu stage.  You may engage willingly, or not, in participating. Although I do caution you, many who have fallen into the “or not” category usually end up as the best part of the show.


5) Music fills the air in all different forms and varieties. From loud rowdy bands to the soft call of a ceramic bird whistle, sounds float with you on your entire journey through the enchanted land.


6) The vendors and their crafts are both on display for your viewing pleasure.

crafts collage

7) Should you decide to join in on the costumed fun you can go as big or small as your bravery allows from the many specialty booths along the way.

costume collage

8) For the kind of interactive fun that you can take home, there is hair braiding, henna tattoos and face painting.  Or relax for a bit and catch up on the local gossip while knitting with the ladies.


9) Drinking. From beer, to mead, and everything in between. Buy a stein and drink the time away.

IMG_20150215_152536  IMG_20150215_144734

10) There really is no better place to people watch.

costumes collage 2

Even if you have been here before with pub crawl tours, themed weekends and more shows, there are lots of new things to see. Still not convinced? Take a peek to believe…..

For tickets http://www.ren-fest.com/    map






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