Can You Have A Picnic Without Ants?

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It turns out you can!

Let’s face it, South Florida is just too hot to be outside in the summer. Period. The idea of firing up a grill when you could easily cook the burgers on the pavement seems ridiculous. If you do attempt one, inevitably what was supposed to be a back yard get together, turns into everyone cramming into your home around the TV.

Until now.

I was invited to stop by Miller’s Ale House at their location in Davie Florida to sample their All-American Summer Menu. An indoor picnic with all the trimmings and without the heat and mosquitoes??? Count me in!


Now I’m no stranger to Miller’s Ale House. This is the place to go for beer, wings and sports. However, today I was ready to be transported to my summers up North with all the memories of a bar-b-que party dancing in my mind. Could they really make this happen inside of a bar?

bar shot 1

Of course, all good parties start with a beverage.  As part of their special All-American Summer Menu they created two signature drinks.  My friend Abby chose the pitcher of Watermelon Rita while I had the Orange Crush.  I will admit the Watermelon Rita was super cute and came with watermelon flavored salt rimming the glass.  With the pitcher filled with ice and chunks of the fruit itself floating on top, it really did look like the perfect outdoor drink.  Besides, what BBQ doesn’t have watermelon?  However, I would have to say that my Orange Crush hit it out of the ball park.  Made with Smirnoff Orange Vodka, fresh squeezed orange juice, triple sec and a splash of lemon-lime soda this spritzy cocktail is a very grown up soda indeed.  Fruity, fresh and fun!


A few sips in and we were ready for the food.

When you go to a bar-b-que there are always snackables already out on the table while you wait patiently for the meat to do its thing. Salad is always one of those items. So I was very happy when the chopped BBQ chicken salad was placed before me as a first course.

salad 1

There are so many things to love about this dish. First of all, it is chopped. I simply can not say enough about how much I love the fact that this is becoming the normal way to serve greens as it is so much easier to eat! Each forkful was crisp and bursting with a bright fresh flavor. It had a distinct southwest vibe going on with its mixture of black bean corn salsa and sprinkles of cilantro, but the true stand out was the chicken. As part as its prep, Miller’s Ale House takes the time to cook a chicken breast on the grill, cool it off and then hand slice it as thinly as they do at the deli for your pleasure. The results are fantastic and well worth their effort. Here’s a tip, do as I do and always ask for the dressing on the side. Believe it or not, some salads do not need it and this is one of them. Do yourself a favor and order this as your veggies.

Next up came the N’awlins Style Shrimp and Backyard BBQ brisket sliders.

shirmp and sliders

The shrimp dish has the flavor of New Orleans with just the right amount of heat.  Peel off the shells and place them in the toasted bread for a perfect appetizer.  The sweet and salty celebration of flavors in the sliders took my mouth to its happy place.  Piles of fried red onions are stacked high on top of the slices of hand pulled brisket but it is the pickle that steals the show.  It simply seals the deal and ties all the flavors together for this bite size teaser of what is yet to come.  The real surprise is the side of dipping sauce.  WARNING!  It is a very spicy BBQ sauce that packs quite the slap to the tongue so you may want to do a small test before dunking it in.

Finally the moment everyone waits for… the BBQ is ready and the Ale House-Made Ribs and Brisket Platter is brought to the table.

full meal 1

Just looking at the plate made me smile.  The only thing that would have made it more authentic was if it had been served on a paper plate.  The tender ribs were perfectly glazed with a smokey BBQ sauce that had traces of brown sugar swirling around in it.  There was nothing dry about the sliced brisket which was super tender with a strong hickory smoked taste. Not to be missed is the fire roasted corn with its kernels caramelized by the grills heat.  Just wow.

And what backyard BBQ would be complete without cake and ice cream?  Miller’s Ale House  offers a surprising twist to the standard dynamic duo with their Twinkie Split.  What’s to explain?  It’s a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched between two Panko-breaded, deep-fried, banana flavored Twinkies.  Enough said.

desert blog

Sure the only sports being played were on the TV, but who wants to run around in the heat anyway?  I think Miller’s Ale House nailed it! So if you want to have a picnic this summer, I suggest you invite your guest to the indoor BBQ happening at all Miller’s Ale House locations for a limited time.  I should also mention, if you go on a Tuesday to the Davie location, kids eat free. (from a different menu)

If all of that still isn’t enough, let me tempt you with their two other special offers….

1) Enter their drawing for a chance to win a grill.  All you have to do is fill out the entry form and wait for your name to be announced on July 31st.

give away

2) Win a trip for two to the Made In America Concert by posting your Miller’s Ale House pictures on Instagram or Twitter with #AllAmericanSummerEntry. View all details at

give away 2

So what are you waiting for? Forget the bug spray and head on over to Miller’s Ale House for an All-American Summer menu that will satisfy your BBQ picnic cravings without having to lift a hand.  Except maybe when you need to waive to your server to refill your drink. Or in my case, helping me to carry my to-go bag to my car 😉

me and to go

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