The Perfect Holiday Gift for Everyone

front shot 2

Why have I not thought of this before?  It’s simple really.

Ask yourself this… who doesn’t like to go to the movies?  Nobody.  Kids, married people, single people, co-workers, even the two hardest people to please, teenagers and seniors!  This makes holiday shopping a SUPER easy no brainer movie gift card.

But let’s up the ante shall we by getting the most bang for your buck?  Instead of just getting movie tickets, be sure to get your gift cards from AMC movie theaters.  Why?  Because some of them, but sadly not all of them, offer a Dine-In option!  Hopefully the people on your list live near one of these genius dinner and a movie theaters.  Another cute thing to mention is they offer a way for you to personalize that gift card with a photo 🙂

sign 2

Here’s how the Dine-In theater works.

You can order your movie ticket on line from the comfort of your home or they will help you at the box office.  Either way you get to choose your own seat!  So there is no more second guessing where you will end up. The seat you picked is reserved for you!

ticket 2

With nothing to worry about, you can either go up to the bar, MacGuffins, and order a drink to enjoy there, or take it with you into the theater, or order one at your seat.

at bar

On this night the limited edition specialty drink was called Angry Fire.  A sweet and spicy concoction consisting of Angry Orchard Hard Cider , Fireball and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.  Gotta love the slice of orange floating within it.


Usually I skip all of that and head directly to my seat where I can have someone bring it to me there while I’m perusing the menu.  That’s right!  You can order an entire meal IN YOUR SEAT!  BOOM!  Drops the mic and walks off stage….

food order

And did I mention the seats recline and have their own tray table???  Ummm…. I could get use to this.


I know what you are thinking… the food isn’t going to be all that.  But actually, it is.  Just to make sure I tried several items 😉  Hamburgers, mac and cheese with shrimp, cobb salad sliders and an actual bowl of popcorn all received two thumbs up.

food collage

My hands down favorite for dining in the dark…the crab and avocado sushi roll.

sushi (2)

And I got to sneak behind the scenes and watch them make it fresh to order in their on premises kitchen!

For your climatic ending… is there anything more perfect than a sundae topped with a brownie.









Yes.  Fresh donuts.

20150825_073652 (2)

There are, by the way, two types of theaters. On one sida is the Fork and Screen which is family friendly. On the other is the Cinema Suites which is for grown-ups 18 and over.  Are you understanding what I am saying???  NO KIDS crying during your date night.

theater entrance 2 (2)

So there you have it.  A gift card to an AMC Dine In theater really is like giving or getting the golden ticket!

To see my full video coverage of the whole experience watch below.



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