It’s not just talk at the Broward College Speaker Series

I have to admit. I am a fan of Mo Rocca.  So when I heard he was going to be participating in the Broward College Speaker Series at the Broward Center of the performing arts  I was a bit excited.


I know that the idea of sitting in the audience while someone conducts, well basically an interview, may not seem like fun, but actually, it is.  Especially when the venue is the cozy Amaturo Theater which doesn’t have a bad seat in the house.  You could see and hear everything perfectly, which kinda makes you feel like you are listening in on a private dinner conversation.

theater shot .jpg

The monitor for this evening of chit chat was CBS4 News anchor Rick Folbaum. It was his job to keep the dialogue moving to ensure that his celebrity guest and all of us watching stay engaged while they had their ‘one on one’ conversation in the spotlight. There is no script. Armed only with a few talking points on a card and a gift for gab, it was up to Rick to keep the ball rolling and up to the speaker to keep us entertained.

close up

Mo Rocca willingly shared his life lessons, childhood stories, and all the things he has experienced on his road to success. From where he has been to where he is going, his stories and personal tidbits were laced with laughter. Sure you could watch something like this on television, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, at home you don’t get a chance to participate in the Q & A.  That’s right, included in your program was a card for you to fill out giving you the opportunity to come up with your own question.  This fun interaction allows you to ask something that has always been on your mind as well as find out what the patrons around you want to know. It doesn’t get more intimate than that.  I was super excited when my card was picked. Watch video below for Mo Rocca’s response to my inquiry.

The absolute best thing about live theater is that you never know what is going to happen.  On this particular night there just happen to be a surprise wedding proposal. I’m not sure which was more fun to watch, the actual engagement or how engaged Mo Rocca was about it.

Mo Rocca was charming, personable and a pleasure to listen to.  Even though he wasn’t wearing his signature bow tie and seemed much taller in person than he does on TV, I still think we made a cute couple.  Thanks Downtown Photo for the great shot.

@lisapirro315 mo

If all of that wasn’t enough, turns out that Hoffman’s Chocolate is one of the sponsors, generously providing you with a coupon for a scoop of free ice cream.  It just doesn’t get any sweeter than that. Side note, their chocolate covered pretzels are so amazingly good. I sampled three of them just to make sure.

sweet morocca

So if you’re looking for something original, fun and different to do, this is the event for you. It truly is a one of a kind, one night only, show. Get off the couch and into the theater.  Think of it as a live real reality TV show 😉

The Broward College Speaker Series goal is to educate, enlighten and entertain.  I would have to agree that they did all that.

Per the Broward College Speaker series press release “Mo Rocca was the second of four distinguished speakers sharing their exciting experiences, insights, points of view and behind the scenes stories on some of the most current topics of the day as part of the Broward College Speaker Series.”

“Sponsors for the Broward College Speaker Series include Hoffman’s Chocolates, Broward Center for the .Performing Arts, Sun-Sentinel, City & Shore Magazine, Stearns Weaver Miller, The Atlantic Hotel & Spa, 2DSports Ventures, Exults Internet Marketing, Katz Barron Squitero Faust and SunTrust Bank.”



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