Suiting up, while staying sassy.

I didn’t know what to expect when I was invited to the Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick 2nd annual decadent Mini Retreat at the Atlantic Hotel and Spa on Fort Lauderdale beach.    As luck  would have it, the event was happening on International Women’s Day.

Upon arrival I was greeted not only with smiles but a swag bag and the opportunity to do some shopping. I was told it was going to be a “Me” day, and although I had no idea what that really meant, I was starting to get an idea.

There were vendors promoting things for the mind, body and spirit along with purses, outfits, make-up and chair massages.  As I was handed a mimosa I thought, now this is the way to start the pampering!


After perusing the wares and deciding I must one day own a Candy Woolley hand bag,

vendor 3.jpgpurses

it was time to take my seat and prepare for the main event.  The invite had said this experience would be about “refreshing your soul and refocusing your life!”  I was ready and willing to tap into some of that optimism.

beauty feast .jpg

Walking into the “conference” room the positive vibe was already alive as women were on their feet dancing and singing along with Diana Ross to “I’m Coming Out” After you have pumped up the power on a group of women, how exactly do you get them to sit down?  By doing it the Sassy way!  You point your arm straight up  in the air, count to three and watch all the women say “shimmy” while their body does the same motion. It quiets a room of giddy ladies like nothing I’ve ever seen.  It’s also the nicest way I’ve ever been told to pipe down.

Once settled into our seats after a warm welcome with a mimosa toast and a few words for the opening ceremony, we were asked to close our eyes for a clearing and intentions meditation guided by Yogi Nicole Pisani.

speaker 1 .jpg

Now that our thoughts were settled they were immediately woken back up during the keynote address by Dr. Elizabeth King, LCSW, CHt Founder and CEO of Suits. Stilettos and Lipstick.  Her speech was about “Manifesting through the Law of Attraction and Hypnosis”  After taking us to the beach in a mini hypnosis trip she planted the seed that all things are possible but the trick is to “claim what you want to bring in your life.” She left you with a question to ask and answer for yourself “What do you want for real.”  She cautioned, to be specific as you can be. After all, you know the old saying… be careful what you wish for because it might just come true 😉


Feeling strong and confident on the inside, it was Tracie Rosales, Make-up Artist, turn to give us some tips on how to project our inner beauty to the outside. By using a few models from the audience she showed us how to go from day to night with a few easy swipes of a brush.  While doing so, she also did a Q and A with the ladies watching.

make up .jpg

Next up was an amazing lunch provided by Beauty and the Feast. The Chicken Agrodolce had a perfectly cooked skin that was crunchy and mouthwateringly tasty. Not to mention I am still dreaming about that Green Kale salad.

After dining there was time to shop again…



before heading back in for the next Keynote Address from Ramola Motwani, Chairwoman and CEO of Merrimac Ventures.  Her “My Journey to Success” story was an inspiration for any woman trying to make it in a business dominated by men.


Unfortunately I had to leave right after her speech and was unable to attend the rest of the retreat.  However, there is not a doubt in my mind that the ending was much like the beginning, a time for woman to relax, shop, be motivated and inspired.


If you are looking to join a tribe of professional ladies who understand that we as women, have to be there together  while raising each other up to believe that what your mind can conceive your body will achieve then you should join this organization. As Dr. King said to me “It’s O.k. to want it all, we just have to know how to get it.”  She says our suits show our professional side, the stilettos embraces our womanhood and the red lipstick marks how fearless we are.  The mission of Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick is to  “create a women’s movement that will empower women to live a healthy, happy, balanced and purposeful life.” So ladies, ask yourself this, are you ready to be the best you can be?  Than get your lipstick on, pucker up and come meet these ladies who want to help you do just that.

business card .jpg

I want to thank the ladies for a wonderful day and for all the goodies in the swag bag 🙂

swag bag.jpg








me chair 2.jpg









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