You have to see it to DISbelieve it

With the holidays left behind us, it is time to search elsewhere for the magic in our life. This is exactly why you need to go experience Cirque du Soleil’s “Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities” running now through Jan. 29 near the Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami Gardens.


Something exquisite always happens underneath the familiar blue and yellow Grand Chapiteau (aka tent) as Cirque shows always have a way of transporting you to another world.  My advice is to sit back and enjoy the ride.


Once you peek inside the Kurio’s Cabinet of Curiosities,  you won’t be able to forget what you think you saw.  And for the record…yes….what you saw is real.

Is the dinner party on the stage really being mimicked upside down at the top of the tent?  Yes! Yes it is! The optical illusions are happening all around you so be sure to look up, down and all around!


Photo: Martin Girard /           Costumes: Philippe Guillotel                              © 2014 Cirque du Soleil

Cirque shows always have a tale to be told.  For Kurios, “It’s the story of a man who builds a machine to travel to a different dimension. The machine malfunctions and brings people from another dimension to his world.” As always, the outline is there, but really, I find it best to accept the story is yours to create.  Just open your mind and let the adventure begin to take you anywhere you want to go.


Photo: Martin Girard / Costumes: Philippe Guillotel © 2014 Cirque du Soleil

The acts and costumes of Kurios are both colorful and lively.  A mix of Steampunk fashion along side whimsical characters and props make for lots of interesting visuals.

What impressed me most with this show, was the extraordinarily talented cast.  Always top notch at any Cirque show, usually there is a difference between the stage characters and the specialty performers.  This was not the case in Kurios.  All of the jugglers, aerialists, acrobats and contortionists not only do their performance piece, but they also act, dance and are even a bit comedic when called upon to be so.


Photo: Martin Girard / Costumes: Philippe Guillotel © 2014 Cirque du Soleil

This production has it all.  Comedy, Romance and drama weave it’s way through out the night leaving you both exhilarated and in a dream like state. Surprisingly, my favorite act is called “Theater of the Hands.” On the stage a performers hands is hit with a spotlight illuminating  the shadow of his fingers while that image is projected onto a zeppelin floating above the audience like a movie screen in the sky. His fingers walk through a story that is funny and captivating. It’s simple, imaginative and filled me with childlike wonder.


Photo: Martin Girard / Costumes: Philippe Guillotel © 2014 Cirque du Soleil

How is that possible you may ask yourself as you exit reality?  The answer is simple…. You have to choose to Disbelieve!

“Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities” runs through Jan. 29 at Hard Rock Stadium, 347 Don Shula Drive, in Miami Gardens. Showtimes vary. Tickets cost $39-$275 (premium VIP Package includes a backstage visit before the show, a cocktail party before and during intermission, private restrooms and a meet and greet after the show).

To order, call 877-924-7783 or go to


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