Are you feeling Lucky’s?


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I must admit it.  I like this store… a lot.  Even before they opened their doors, I was already a fan.  It all started when Lucky’s Market took over a landmark building in Oakland Park and instead of tearing the whole structure down, Lucky’s came to the rescue and refurbished it.  The structure had once been the home to Pearls Arts and Crafts, a business that had been a part of our community and our landscape for 81 years.  Everyone in this city knew of it, so breathing new life into its walls was a nod to positive change and growth while respecting our towns history.  Recycling a building always brings out the sentimental side in me.  It shows you understand and appreciate the value of things.  By the way, the handsome guy standing next to me is the store manager Jason Reif and he is friendly, charming, and like all the other employees I encountered, eager to make you a fan of their store.

@lisapirro luckys add

Stepping through the automatic doors is sorta like entering a carnival.  You are hit with sights, smells and a spectrum of color that makes you giddy with excitement.

@lisapirro luckys market cart

But let’s start with the intoxicating aroma.  Something is always being smoked at Lucky’s. Literally. On this Lucky day it was the king of all cooking scents….bacon.

bacon2bacon in a pan 

I am not going to lie.  That bacon was the best I have ever tasted.  Straight out of the smoker, onto the grinder, into the oil and then into my mouth, which is salivating just remembering it. Their in-house smoker is always smoking something, including a bunch of their own meats stacked up and ready to be sliced for all your deli needs.

smoker  meat cold cuts

The in-house smoked (or roasted) Turkey is even a Lucky Find at $6.99 a pound.  And what is a Lucky Find you ask? In each department there is a “must have” item marked at a “I can’t believe it” price.  Lucky Find prices remain the same…all day… every day. Which is the best idea ever because who doesn’t like reliability in price for staple items????

Lucky Find

You might notice that on that list is the maple glazed, in-house smoked, bacon donut for only .99¢ And their beer brats made with local beer for $2.99 lb.

bacon donut beer-brats.jpg

But the best deal, might be the 2 slices of pizza and a pint for $5.00  Yeah, let that sink in.


Unless of course you are more into the Asian flair.  Right smack in the middle of the whole store is a Ramen bar which also sells select sushi rolls for $5.00 every Tuesday.

ramen  sushi

Or…. on Wednesdays stop by and pick up a rotisserie chicken for only $5.00!  That is insane!!!

chicken 1

They also have daily soups, subs and lots of prepared foods (both hot and cold) to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Seriously, with so many food choices, and both indoor/outdoor seating, this may be the best place to go for lunch.

cooked items prepared foods

In their extensive bulk section I’m sure you could pick up some snack items to take with you back to work.

bulk nuts sweets

There are interactive stations everywhere.  From fresh pressed juice to pre-cut fruit so you can pick what you want in your bowl instead of having it pre-packaged for you!

juices fruit


Since this is a grocery store, it does have all familiar sections that you are use to … like produce where all the colors of the rainbow are ready to eat.


greensOr high quality meats and dairy..

And of course dairy/meat alternatives…

tastes like meat

What was refreshing to me was the way things were presented.  From their funny signs…

signs 2

funny signs

…to showcasing items perhaps I have seen before but was hesitant to try. Like this Calabaza squash.  It just looks to cool not to place it in my cart!


Or for the extreme meat lover this Tomahawk Bone in Rib Steak is a show stopper! So I picked up one for each of my dinner guests 🙂

tomahawk  tomahawk 2

And even though I do not do dairy, I gotta admit, their selection was quite varied with some intriguing options and the signage was very user friendly.

cheese sign

cheese 2  cheese 1

Lucky’s is definitely trying to help people to move towards a healthier lifestyle in the easiest way they can assist you.  So it makes sense to have an apothecary area for whatever ails you.  The coolest thing about this area was the ‘Do It Yourself wellness bar’ with bulk supplies for you to make your own teas, scrubs, lotion, soaps, scented oils and anything else you can think of.


Another neat thing, is that Lucky’s likes to promote local products.  Not only will you find them sprinkled throughout all sections of the store, they will also let you know how far they traveled to get to you.

local produce



Speaking of keeping it local, Lucky’s is committed to making an impact in the community they are in.



One of the ways they do that  is through their Bags for Change program.  You receive a wooden dime for every reusable bag you bring into the store and then you put it into the slot for your pick of the highlighted  local non-profit.  At the end of the quarter they double the amount raised.



And when you purchase one of their private label products, 10% of the profits from this purchase will be reinvested back into the communities they serve.  They call it 10% for Good.


At the grand opening they also gave away three checks to three local charities totaling $10,000.00  Why do they do these things?  Because they feel “It’s our responsibility to give back.” That is why they have the Lucky’s community project.

donation checks

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I adore this way of thinking.

Now if all of the above isn’t enough to get you excited about this store… this next perk might just be the thing that reels you in.  At Lucky’s you are encouraged to “Sip and Stroll”  You read me right.  For $2 a pint you get a cup holder that attaches to your shopping cart so you can legally drink and drive with a glass of craft or mass-market beers on tap or wine. Let that just sink in for a minute.

They also have coffee, teas and for a total change of pace…Kombucha!

sip and stroll sign


Take my word for it.  This sip and stroll thing takes shopping to a whole other level.

Lucky’s wants to offer their consumer “Higher quality than you would expect for less than you would expect to pay.”  To that I say, well done.


Lucky’s market is not just a grocery store, it’s a foodie playground.

It is sure to become my one stop place to shop, sip, socialize and smile.@lisapirro luckys market

Also because they have Lisa size shopping carts 😉

rewards paper  rewards card

outside building

Be sure to check out Lucky’s Market at 1033 E Oakland Park Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33334



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